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getting over a breakupMoving on after a separation can seem like a daunting task. You may be overwhelmed by sadness or even depressed and feel very lonely. Realize that your previous relationship does not define you or your life moving forward. You can find a healthy balance on your own and be happier and more fulfilled without your ex.

As a matter of fact there are certain actions that you can implement right away in order to quickly move on; you can also learn from this experience to become a stronger and more confident individual. You have taken the right step by looking for a resource that can enable you to get a fresh start.

Quickly getting over a breakup is possible and we have made it our passion to help people just like you quickly rebound and move forward while feeling even better than they did prior to their last relationship. In this article we will provide you with 3 powerful steps that will enable you to turn it all around!

Focus on the things you can control to feel better after a separation

You can start to over think about what your ex may be doing, who they may be hanging with or analyze every single one of his or her text messages. You can choose to live in the past and imagine what could have been and drive yourself crazy or you can choose to focus on what you can control. In order to move on you really need to focus on you; on your well-being and on the actions that you need to take to quickly feel better.

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A positive mindset and the willingness to come out of your slump is what will ultimately enable you to move forward. You need to resist the urge to do nothing or to be passive. Inaction is actually the most dangerous threat to your ability to quickly rebound and move forward following a separation. You should have no excuse; no matter how low your moral may be, you can find a way to stay active and to go out and exercise even more than usual for example.

Your attitude and your actions are going to be the determining factor in the days or weeks following a break up. In my experience coaching people who have gone through a breakup or a tremendously painful separation; the overwhelming majority of you who are able to quickly regain their emotional independence and find inner peace are those that have the most self-discipline. Focus solely on you and the things that you can control and your outlook will instantly become more positive!

Set goals in your personal and professional life to overcome your sadness

The best way for you to stay on track and to monitor your progress is to set personal and professional goals that will enable you to put your sadness in the past. This can be done by having your mind focus on clear and attainable objectives that you will set for yourself.

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After a disappointing experience in love and relationships some people can have a tendency to lose their drive or their ability to project themselves into the future. You need to be aware of this threat and pattern in order to ensure that you won’t let yourself coast towards such a mental state. The best way to be accountable to yourself and understand where you are in your self-development process is to set micro goals on a weekly or even daily basis. In this way you will be able to stay on track and on top of your evolution.

This approach will also force you to stay focused on looking forward and not in the past. At first you will still think about your ex boyfriend or girlfriend but after a while your mind will start to zero in on your goals. At this point you will start to reap the benefits of your efforts and mentally separate yourself from your previous relationship.

Getting over a breakup starts with stretching your comfort zone

You will need to really stretch your comfort zone in order to keep up with the goals that you will set as discussed previously. As a former athlete I know how beneficial it can be to do a bit more than you feel compelled too in order to progress. It is all about by going above and beyond what is easy and natural to achieve something significant and to feel better about yourself.

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Another way to ensure that you quickly move forward is by stepping outside of your comfort zone in a social setting as well; it is essential that you meet new people and create new connections to bring a sense of renewed energy into your life. Don’t be afraid to talk to total strangers at work, during your commutes, at the grocery stores or in a pub. Again quickly getting over a breakup is possible if you do a bit more than what you would normally do in your everyday life and in your interactions with total strangers.

By carrying out this advice and following this game plan you will quickly regain self-confidence. There is no better feeling than to achieve a task that once seemed daunting or one that you would have previously walked away from. All of your efforts are significant even the smallest one’s; you will be able to see the progress that you make along the way.

No matter how messy or painful the breakup may have been it is possible for you to move on and not have regrets or feel bad about yourself. But you will need to be resilient in focusing on the things that you can control; monitor your progress through micro goals that you set for yourself on a daily and weekly basis; and finally by stretching your comfort zone. We believe in the motto shoot for the stars and land on a cloud; that is how you will make real progress and realize that the best is yet to come!

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If you are currently going through a break up and are seeking more information about how to proceed, don’t hesitate to contact me for a one on one coaching session. It will be my pleasure to help you meet your goals and ensure that you stay on track.

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